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Fast delivery, well packed! Love love loveee the paper or glass packaging of the items, please branch out to organic cosmetics with similar packaging one day maybe 😍🙏🏻 Serum is glowy (don’t put too much), deodorant works wonders, lip balms are amahzihhhngly moist but not oily 😍😍😍 Keep it uppp

s*****i | Facial Oil Purchaser 

Have bad experiend buying lip balm such at local store. Always drying the lips. But this is so far the best. Ada lavender scent and really moisturising. Lembab bibir tu bukan yang shining sampai rambut terlekat. Just nice on bibir also the pigment mmg cantik. 👍👍

solehafadzil | Lip Balm Purchaser 

Thank you so much seller! I’m lovin it. Hopefully it works to get rid of my body odor cause of excessive sweating in Malaysia hot weather all year round. Thumbs up for packaging👍🏼😉 service is good as well. Might repurchase if the product trully does its magic on me. Heheh.

amir.96 | Deodorant Purchaser 

The delivery was super fast! Love the thought the seller put in, the free gift has my name on it!🥰 I especially love the concept, all natural ingredients & packaging. It doesn’t smell like anything, tht means it doesn’t have preservatives👍🏼 The pigment’s nice too.It’s moisturising but not sticky.

w*****4 | Lip Balm Purchaser 

Seller is so efficient! Received this item less than 2 days after ordering. The item was packed in a cute recyclable box. Seller even included a free coaster! Super good service, very happy with my purchase! Can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much! 🙂

| Eye Care Purchaser