How to use paper tube lip balm & natural deodorant



Lip Balm (9g):Twice the size of a normal lip balm can really lasts more than 3 months even if applied daily!

Deodorant (30g) :30g of natural deodorant if applied daily, twice a day after shower, it would lasts at least 4 months & above.

Facial Oil & Hair Oil (30ml):It's can last around 3-4 months if applied twice daily, cuz one pump is more than enough!

Expiry:For all products:We recommend using our natural products within 6 months of opening.*STAY AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT or any kind of heatIf the product is subjected to excessive heat or cold for short periods of time, it may result in a crystallization, and/or thicker or thinner texture. It will not impact the product’s efficacy.

Lip Balm:Yes we can make lip balms without essential oils to avoid irritation for you! PLS let us know prior purchasing

Deodorant:YES! Our deodorant is made with NO baking soda, NO Paraben, NO aluminium & all those harsh irritation that would irritate your skin!**BUTif you have allergy to any essential oils, please ask before purchase!

Lip Balmxxxxx

Deodorant :Yes, but slowly & naturally! We use activated charcoal powder which helps brighten & eliminate the melanin in armpits. No dangerous bleaching content!

*Beware of whitening products that may contain bleaching ingredient in your products! Every skin tone is beautiful!

Nope, our deodorant is transparent when you apply to skin, so it won't leave any stain on your skin or shirt!

YES, let us know your postcode & we'll check estimated shipping costs. But at the moment, we're using private courier agent which may incur high shipping cost.

You'll get 2 emails. 

1st email -Confirmation email - once you have made purchased 

2nd email -Tracking number once shipped (can't  find it? check junk mail. Still can't find it? Pm us*Please allow some delays due to Covid-19 as we have got some news about delivery staffs from courier agencies have contacted Covid-19

Yes! Once we sorted our our inventory and we will reach out to you! Please drop us a message and we will include you in the waiting list. Our handmade products are really hard to be prepared in bulk & to be supplied to all dropship agents requests!