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Big Natural Deodorant

Big Natural Deodorant

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This aluminium-alcohol-paraben free and Anti-bacterial deodorant stick helps neutralize odours and refreshes the skin. It perfumes the skin with the pleasing scent of engergytic and smoothing relaxing.


Virgin unrefined Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Magnesium Hydroxide, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E Oil, Activated Charcoal Powder, Essential Oils.

Usage & Tips

Usage: Use daily on a clean and dry skin.

Size: 50g


It's a zero waste non-sticky and non-greasy Deodorant. This recipe was created after many of experiments.

Deodorants work by killing off the bacteria in your armpit and adding a perfume. A lot of commercial deodorants also contain antiperspirants that plug your sweat ducts, so that less perspiration comes within reach of those smell-producing bacteria in the first place. For our product, we don't have such chemical to block our sweat ducts as sweating is very normal to our skin. Our product would prevent bacterial to form in your armpit with natural ingredients and adding with fresh and cooling scent.

I found this recipe to be useful for active and sporty person as well as office and less sweaty person. I have trouble of smelly armpit, the problem is still persisted after I tried many deodorant products. I understand how troublesome to have smelly armpit and how it affects our daily life. Give it a try and let me know!

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ALL NATURAL INGREDIENT AND EFFECTIVE ! Experiment on a very sporty and sweaty person, and it works for him!

*Please knock the tube against a solid surface before push up for smoother push up experience.

A natural deodorant that actually works! Enhanced with natural odor neutralizer, this amazing deodorant can keep you fresh, dry and odour free for up to 12 hours.


🚫Aluminium & paraben & Baking soda free
🌱Made from natural ingredients, suitable to all type of skin (especially sensitive skin)
🦠Enriched with self discover effective ingredient
💪🏻Effectively neutralizes body odour
👍🏻Easy to use stick formula
🔥 Ready Stock
🐰Vegan & cruelty free
💖Proudly made in Malaysia

The deodorant tube is made up of push-up paper tube, and it’s recyclable ! We always suggest our customer to push up a little of the deodorant above the tube and close it without pushing it all the way to the bottom.