5 reasons why are natural lip balm good?

5 reasons why are natural lip balm good?

Our lips are one of the key features of our appearance, with a good lip colour can instantly brighten a person’s face which is why it is important to take good care of our lips. One of the main lip care methods is applying lip balm but is the lip balm you are using good for your lips or making them worst?

Natural lip balms are becoming more popular with the new beauty trends of improving the things we use on our skin, here are 5 reasons why natural lip balms are better.

1. Natural ingredients Natural lip balms use natural ingredients that are better for your skin, with multiple plant-based ingredients such as

2. Safer for everyone (sustainable packaging & better ingredients) Natural lip balms are more environmentally friendly when in terms of ingredients and manufacturing process, traditional lip balms have ingredients such as petroleum jelly which can be harmful to source as well as to your body as petroleum jelly are endocrine disruptor as well as causes dry skin.

3. Natural Fragrance Natural lip balms use essential oil as fragrance rather than synthetic fragrance which is important for people with sensitive skin because can often cause an allergic reaction, also essential oils make the lips feel smoother!



4. Wallet-friendly Natural lip balms are filled with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin hence why they can be pricier than a traditional lip balm however this can benefit you in the long run as you'll have healthier lips, ALSO with tinted lip balm, you'll only need one product rather than buying both lip balm and lipstick


5. Suitable for everyone Natural lip balms are made with plant-based ingredients such as candelilla wax which makes them vegan-friendly as well as does not clog pores but instead leaves moisturized lips that have a shiny and glossy finish In conclusion, there are many harmful ingredients used in traditional lip care products, so take a step and take good care of your lips by exploring natural lip balms and their countless benefits, choosing the best ingredients suitable for your lips to keep them healthy.


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