Berry Unbeetable Lips & Face Scrub

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Lips & Face Scrub: Beetroot
Lip Balm (Bundle): SCRUB ONLY

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The Best Ingredients

Cellulose Acetate

Biodegradable Non-reactive

  • Non-reactive exfoliant made of natural wood pulp is biodegradable and not harsh to lips & face

Shea Butter & Oils

Moisture Finish

  • Eliminate dead skin without leaving your skin dry but added hydration

Beetroot Powder

Make Lips Pink!

  • Brighten skin and lips resulting pinkish rosy tint lips & high in antioxidant helps inhibit melanin production

Berries Oil


  • Blackcurrent & Raspberry flavouring oil are rich in antioxidants & the berries scent are almost like ice cream!

Not your USUAL Scrub.

This scrub is actually a multi-functional scrub for your:

🫦 Lips

✨ Face

The exfoliators are carefully selected that it is gentle for your skin but still remove your dead skin effectively.

Smell Like.

We use only ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS to give you a taste and scent of:

🔴 Beetroot

🫐 Berry

Gurantee it is UNLIKE any other scrubs that taste & smell like artificial flavors.

Naturally Stain Your Skin.

Beetroot has a natural ability of giving you an EXTRA pinkish color, making your lips look plump and juicy.

It's like giving you a superpower and making it hard for anyone to resist the urge to give you a kiss.

Gently Exfoliate Your Dead Skin.

Biodegradable & compostable plant-based exfoliators that gives you the PERFECT crumbiness to remove your dead skin.

And they DON'T FEEL like a sandpaper. 😉

Good for your skin and the environment! ❤️🌍





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