Why We Created HYGR?

It all started from Meng's body odour & Ivor who wanted to crack the code for solving a dry lip issue without having her lip skin peel off. Thus, lead to the way of creating her own products while taking consideration of saving the mother earth by doing product in natural ingredients, and reducing plastic packaging.

If you have a little time,
let us walk you through our journey...

How's everything started

Pre-Covid: 2020

Ivor & Meng couldn't get a job after applying for more than 30 vacancies at Law Firms, They were so lost after spending 5 years of study.

Born of HYGR

That was the initial sketch photo of HYGR, HYGR was named and logo sketch in canva overnight with starting capital of RM1,500 in Meng's parent's house empty room.

Moving to Kuala Lumpur

07/2020. Ivor & Meng were then found a full time job in Kuala Lumpur as HYGR was not able to sustain basic living expenses. But, HYGR was a side hustle that we almost gave up.


8s Tiktok Video went viral

A 8 second lip balm tiktok video went viral, We were sleep, eat and pack at the same place a 600 sqf studio, after that day everything started to change...

The 1st transition of HYGR

Building our first GMP Factory

After the virality, we just keep working harder and producing the better products every single day.

Couldn't find a good manufacturer with our small quantity, decided to build our own GMP factory!

The 2nd Transition of HYGR

Moving to 10,000 sqf Factory

From 2 persons to a team of 15 persons and still growing...

Never thought of this will happen so quickly, without our team and YOU GUYS, we will never be where we are today!!!

Our Promise

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