Natural Hair Oil

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The Best Ingredients

Vitamin F

Keratin Protein Production

  • 86% of our hair composition is made of Keratin
  • Hair loss is caused by the lack of Vitamin F

Rosemary Essential Oil

Promoting hair growth

  • promotes circulation in scalp & prevent hair follicles from dying off
  • Treats dandruffs & prevent premature graying of hair

>40% Argan & Jojoba Oil

Lubricate Dry Hair Ends & Scalp

  • Prevent dandruffs & itchy scalp by moisturizing with its anti inflammatory properties
  • Reducing frizz by creating protective layer on hair & scalp

Castor Oil

Moisture Protective Layer

  • Castor oil contains potent antioxidants to protect healthy cells from damaged caused by free radicals environment

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