Pigmented Natural Tinted Lip Balm.

It gives you a pop of color

but doesn't look like you try hard to wear make up.

Why You'll Love It!

πŸ’„ Instantly give you fuller-looking lips.
πŸ’„ Moisturing without it being oily.
πŸ’„ It gives your lips ultra-shine and feel instantly soft.
πŸ’„ Texture is good & it glides smoothly.
πŸ’„ Color remains even after a few hours.
πŸ’„ No weird aftertaste.
πŸ’„ Wouldn't cause lips sensitivity.
πŸ’„ Easy to blend as eye shadow & blusher.

See The Difference.

You will instantly look lively and a bundle of joy.

Less Than An Egg.

It can easily last up to 6 months and it only cost 15 cents a day! πŸ’° That's like less than the price of an egg πŸ₯š

It's Proven To Work.

Its moisturizing effects work better than any other drugstore lip balm and are equally as good as medically prescribed ones for sensitive lips.

You're Saving Mama Earth.

You're not just taking care of yourself - you're being kind to Mama Earth by reducing one plastic with each order!

That makes you an Earth Hero/Heroine! 🦸

Irresitable Saving.

Trio Lips Bundle is perfect for saving. It comes with:

  • 3 x Tinted lip balm (Coral Red, Hibiscus & Pink Rose)
  • FREE 1 x HYGR Pouch Bag
It's a great deal for customer who want the most price-worthy option while exploring and trying out 3 different colors.


Not Sure If It Will Suit You?

Sure, you can start with 1 tinted lip balm and experience the quality firsthand.

Feel the confidence it brings, and come back for more when you're ready!

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